Kanazawa - Ishikawa

The hidden cozy luxury hotel gives the sense of
magnificent traditional culture and history of Kanazawa.

We offer only 2 superior rooms exclusively for our guests.
Nourish yourself with the tradition and the amazing scenery around our hotel upon arrival.
In the evening, enjoy our special cuisine for dinner.
We will welcome you together with all of our staff and the city of Kanazawa.

We are located in Higashi Chaya District,
where you can experience various cultures of Kanazawa.


Guest Rooms

2 types of rooms


- Modern Japanese Room -
For 2-4 guests / 50m2

room picture
room picture
room picture

The room has a living room with tatami-mat and a bedroom with twin beds,
a perfect size for 2-4 guests. You can also divide the living room and bedroom by using Shoji screen(sliding screen doors).
In NISHI room, you can enjoy a long bath looking over the greens of our patio.


- Western-Style Room -
For 2-3 guests / 48m2

room picture
room picture
room picture

The room has a queen-size bed and a spacious sofa for 2 people. There are some furnitures such as footstool and a simple desk.
In HIGASHI room, we offer bathtub from AXA SOFTBATH where you will be enjoying the ultimate bath experience.



We serve a special menu with local seasonal products both from ocean and mountain region to complete your day in Kanazawa.



We offer 2 types of breakfast. Western-style breakfast is very healthy menu, using plenty of fruits and vegetables. Japanese-style breakfast is a good mixture of various local products, including rice from our own farm.

Other Facilities


We serve original dishes using local products from Kanazawa and vegetable from our own farm in Nanto, Toyama.



We offer original souvenir items from Maki No Oto, well selected items from Hokuriku region, and local traditional crafts that are perfect for daily use.

Maki No Oto welcomes you during your stay in Toyama.

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